Welcome to OpenKids Africa

Connecting every African child to a digital future through the delivery of free tech lessons in rural schools

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Welcome to Openkids Africa

OpenKids Africa is a non-profit organization. We believe that information and communication technology is the key to the strong and sustainable development of a country.

Therefore, we leverage free digital resources and open educational resources to provide quality information technology lessons and materials for kids and schools in rural communities in Africa.

What We Do

OpenKids Africa is a non-profit organization collaborating with government, schools, and industry to provide free, quality information technology lessons and resources for children in rural African communities.

  • Leadership

    We lead by advocating for the use and development of open educational resources and free digital materials for schools in underserved communities in Africa. This way, we can all work together to close the digital gap in our society.

  • Collaboration

    We partner with organizations to provide free digital resources for schools in underserved communities, aiding in teaching and preparing children for a future career in technology.

  • Awareness

    We promote technology awareness for parents and guardians to inspire and motivate children to consider a career in technology in the future. Understanding the essence of technology in their future career pursuits is crucial for equipping children with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in the digital age.

  • Equality

    To address the digital imbalance in the ICT industry, we promote information technology skills for girls in Africa. We collaborate with organizations that align with this mission.

  • Sustainability

    To conserve resources and avoid e-waste, we accept donations of refurbished laptops from our partner organizations for children and schools in underserved communities.

  • Education

    With free educational materials, we empower African children in underserved communities to take the lead in Africa's emerging digital economy.